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Dark and Difficult Times Lie Ahead...

...Soon we must all choose between what is right and what is easy.

8 October 1988
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this is all you need to know

3 way calling, 80's, a tribe called quest, addison county fair, aim, art, ashley olsen, being naked, ben and jerry's, ben kweller, birthday parties, blondie, blueberry muffins, boston, boys, burr pond, buzzcocks, cadbury eggs, cameras, camp, camp betsey cox, camp sangamon, candlelight, care packages, cats, cereal, chocolate, christmukkah, coldplay, confusion, damon, daniel radcliffe, daria, death cab for cutie, disney, dresden dolls, etc. etc. etc., family guy, franz ferdinand, friendship, fruit, fuck, gang of four, gay marriage, gettin jiggy with it, guilty pleasures, handwritten letters, hardcore, harry and the potters, harry potter, heartbreak, hello kitty, hot hot heat, humor, ipods, j.k. rowling, jake gyllenhaal, jesus look alikes, joe degeorge, judaism, jurassic 5, kill bill, letters, lotr, love, magic wands, marmite, massachusetts, mechanical pencils, mission of burma, modest mouse, moonlit walks, mr. lester, muggies, music, my bloody valentine, ninjas, optimism, ortiz, paul degeorge, pedro, pete and pete, phantom planet, photo booths, photography, photos, pinstripes, pirates, pittsford, polka dots, radiohead, red sox, reunions, rjd2, romance, rupert grint, rutland, saved by the bell, scarves, sirius/remus, skinny dipping, sleep, summer, sunrises, sunsets, taking walks, talking dirty, teenage mutant ninja turtles, television, tenacious d, the breakfast club, the clash, the flaming lips, the goonies, the pixies, the rapture, the shins, the smiths, the stooges, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the white stripes, thick rimmed glasses, totally sxe 4 lyfe, vacation, valentines, vermont, vh1, vodka talks, winchester, wtf, yankees suck